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Javier, a one-of-a-kind born leader is much more than just a likable character with odd quirks and funny hiccups. To declare he expects a great deal from his team is an underestimation of the soaring standards he anticipates on a daily basis from the agency’s charily-selected digital intelligence group.

With just a little bit of mental keenness, most people might be able to recall a witty message that made the Internet rounds a few years ago; a post describing “Creative People” as 1. easily bored 2. risk takers 3. color outside the lines 4. think with their hearts 5. make lots of mistakes 6. hate the rules 7. work independently 8. change their mind a lot 9. have a reputation for eccentricity 10. dream big… What the post fails to mention is they also 11. don’t listen (which goes with number 5) 12. believe others are telepathic and know what they’re talking about at all times 13. interrupt regularly with a new and better concept, disregarding the 57 hours already invested on another notion 14. jump over processes and irritate traffic managers the world over...

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the many salient and aggravating-slash-endearing features of our President, but let the record reflect he has one particular characteristic―let’s go ahead and call it a freaky talent―that makes him outstanding, bar none: he knows how to pick the best people. Alright, granted, perhaps, stating “bar none” is going too far because, when he’s blindsided, bushwhacked or sucker-punched into a less-than-the-usual-superlative hire, sinister comedy ensues: spectacularly appalling selections yield days of headaches and utter darkness, and we mean National Geographic (or maybe Enquirer) worthy kind of awful (enter exemplary sample #1 who spelled it “cuntry” and had us cowering in our seats hoping Facebook would crash and drag us all down along with it). But, jokes aside, Javier’s standard picks for his staff are so finely-tuned, so adept and adroit, that although most companies’ “About Our Staff” pages read like a glorified and “cornyfied” glittering saccharine roster of fully-blown hot-air achievements, our agency’s isn’t. What you read is what you get, and here we have a bunch of hand-picked, individually-vetted hard-getters that can get with the best, at their best, and give them a good dash for their money to beget the most where any can be got. And if that didn’t make any sense, Javier’s ability is something none of us can fully understand either.

Let the record also show that Javier is as socially awkward as a moose in a Tiffany’s stained-glass shop but he is also shrewd, client-driven, employee-friendly, ambitious, approachable, astutely-charming and single-mindedly obtuse about agency projects in the best possible sense while also charismatically manipulative and maneuvering to the point where, when the dust finally settles, one wonders “how in sweet Saint Peter’s name did he get me to agree to run a 5k marathon while handing out cold drinks to participants? First thing in the morning, I’m walking out on the whole event!” But you won’t; and there’ll probably be pictures to prove it. And that’s just a random example of his strange and uncanny power over people.

Another way to describe him would be to quote a renowned adage, the one that claims “if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life”… That’s Javier to a T. He is passionate about his job and committed to the success of each and every one of his clients, and hence, the well-being of the thing that brings together this brightly-contrasting, multi-talented and widely-accomplished crew: the agency.

He grew up on a farm in Guayama, Puerto Rico, and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Marketing and Economics, and a minor in Sociology from Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to establishing JL Marketing Firm in 2006, Javier had already been nourishing his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit for years, first setting up Infoline in 1998, a tourist-oriented information-providing interactive phone service which kept expanding until it transmuted into Movieline, a film-listing and local show-times facilitator. The company dissolved in 2003 and a bit later Javier started Interacting Services, a new initiative in marketing services with a number of big-player clients who greatly benefitted from in-depth market investigations, statistics and analytics brought about through consumer-behavior assessments.

Javier has a young daughter, Carolina, and is about to be a father again, any day now, to a baby boy. He has absolutely no down time to fool around on the web’s digital playground but, if he had a digital name, it would likely be an anagram of his name: Viaje. He’s a trip.

Francheska is the embodiment of quality arriving in small packages, which is not to say she’s a walking cliché. On the contrary, this one-of-a-kind little lady is a quick-thinking fast-talking shoot-from-the-hip kind of cowgirl who pulls no punches when it comes to handling our finances. Furthermore, as the mother of three, she can tell if you’re fibbing before the lie even leaves your lips, which is somewhat freaky and endlessly frustrating.

Francheska, beyond being our Comptroller also serves as a killer Office Manager, ensuring our cupboards are always stashed with enough espresso coffee and brown sugar to power a small nation. She speaks fast, acts swiftly and responds promptly before you can think to bark at the thought of whatever it is she noticed you did wrong. Fix it before she sends you to your room to think about what you’ve done.

She is like a one-woman guerrilla and part of her alluring charm is that she does it with class and style, perfectly coiffed and every hair in place, whereas most of us end up giving the impression of being POWs.

It makes sense that she abides by “strength in numbers” and, to this end, she spends her days ascertaining our books are faultless and bulletproof.

Nevertheless, like any normal citizen, she has personal weaknesses and her #1 fear is not necessarily dealing with numbers that don’t add up or anything to do with math, but rather, she’s simply and oh-so-humanly afraid to death of having to go to the dentist… which basically means she has the perfect smile: anything to avoid that lean-back chair.

Refusing to reveal her Rock Star name, claiming Francheska is exotic enough, our beautiful “arithmetricks-whiz” is actually married to a real-life racecar driver who also imports beauty products. She studied at “Secret” Heart University in Santurce and her favorite webs is (we’re not quite sure if that’s meant as a joke).

When it comes to handling clients and juggling new work-order forms (as well as that deservedly-maligned Basecamp), Tommy is our secret Bond weapon. An all-around Account Executive Extraordinaire, he brings a contagious enjoyment of the work into the agency and truly knows how to sell our services exceedingly well, always positioning a magnificent spotlight that flatteringly highlights the things we do best.

Tommy is also our go-to guy when we need stuff done: moving your car when you’re blocking someone, rescuing the feisty and sharp-clawed kitten stuck on a tree, setting up your mom’s Facebook page, fixing the photocopier, and so on and so forth. Tommy will not always necessarily abide by our petty whims and trivial demands, but he never says no and that’s appreciated. Some might argue that’s passive-aggressive behavior but, really, he’s just sweet and aims to please: a clever and creative goal-oriented problem-solver who delights in finding a fix for our endless distress, a natural-born “yes man” in the best possible sense.

After a misspent youth of surfing and the general cacophony of a punkish band, Tommy’s parents breathed a sigh of relief when he graduated from Puerto Rico’s Sacred Heart University in Santurce with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.

Prior to becoming our Exécutif Magnifique, Tommy cut his teeth as Director of Operations for a marketing agency, paid his dues as Public Relations Manager/Account Executive at a consulting firm and honed his character as Executive Director in an advertising & promotions organization. This may seem like the customary resume blah-blah, but for someone from the Millennial Generation (or Gen Y, take your pick), it’s a remarkable trajectory and we are duly grateful to count him among us. His good-natured disposition is utterly refreshing.

Tommy spends his digital downtime at and
His Rock Star Name is Pelusa Edge but he wishes it were Tommy Tutone.

Not your garden-variety Art Director, this gifted-beyond-comprehension curiosity is a mystery wrapped in a riddle within an enigma, in addition to also being the quintessential grouch enclosing a kitten’s heart full of purr. Moreover, his culinary prowess is the thing of legends, surely a favorite feature of his personal female entourage consisting of a lovely wife and two daughters, whose charming visages adorn his professional corner of the world.

But wait! There’s so much more! Contrary to the reputation preceding most graphic designers, this guy could win a spelling-bee contest by breaking down “esquamulose” with both hands tied behind his back, death-metal playing at eardrum-shattering decibels in the background and all while standing in an airport runway during a jumbo jet’s takeoff. Gustavo, a jack-of-all-trades mesmerizing specimen, can whip up an award-winning logo in the time it takes most artists to actually sit down and begin tackling the &#$!X*@!! thing.

Seriously, his wealth of legerdemain covers such a multiplicity of areas (almost black-belt in tae-kwon-do? Check. Happily married? Check. Speaks three languages? Check. Cooks better than your mom? Check. Kept a riveting philosophical blog? Check.) that it reaches a frightening point. Fortunately for the rest of us mere mortals, he can’t grow two more arms or add hours to the eternal limit of 24 allowed per day, which means the rest of us get to keep our jobs.

Gustavo, who studied at the Escuela de Artes Pedro Figari, and the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay, has always made his livelihood through Graphic Design, although he experienced a short teaching stint (admittedly, inner-teddy bear and all, we quiver at the thought of getting on Professor Gus’ bad side). He remains irrevocably besotted with art and culture and his brain works as an automatic spatial coordinator, with tetris-like wonders à la A Beautiful Mind evidently taking place as instructions are issued forth, vivid pinwheels and pyrotechnical Lego-like arrangements already set in motion before the Account Executive is done speaking. The oddity is, for someone whose wits feature so many shades and hues, his wardrobe is made up exclusively of black garments, mayhap a gray one for variety.

A knowledge freak and blind-belief rejecter (think House), his Rock Star name is “Really? Please, don’t...” and his digital loitering takes place in and

We’re just sorry we run out of space to ramble on about this peculiar character because he’s worth an essay or three. The simple truth is, we’re fortunate to have Gustavo batting for our team.

This member with the archangelic name is a forth to contend with, sprightly and Lilliputian as she may be, she’s akin to wasabi: a droplet packs a punch. Gabriela may be young but “junior” is not a statement that rightly applies to her, neither as a suffix, adjective or noun.

One of her immediately-noticeable features is her fearlessness. Not for her are the gentle strides and soft gestures of the recently acquainted; five minutes after introductory preambles and greeting noises are over, Gabriela strikes forth like a mean, lean, watch-your-step and mind-the-gap machine. You see, at our agency, most newcomers acquire an irrational dread of entering the Creative Department to ask for whatever they might need. An ordinary passerby would think people were being sent to the lions’ den for all the dismay this seemingly commonplace task provokes. In fact, it’s a hoot to observe the hoops terrified recruits jump through just to avoid the deed; a comedy of motions and an acrobatic feat all at once. Although JLM’s Creatives are nothing to sneeze at, typically temperamental and short-fused, they stop short of cannibalism or any other punishable offense; truth be told, we’ve yet to witness any blood-shedding. The fangs are real but they’re mostly for show and photo ops, which is something Gaby inherently understands, and the reason why the lions purr and rub their heads against her when she visits this particular division, smitten harmless felines that they are in her skilled, pizza-offering hands.

Indisputably, her kinfolk being restaurateurs and growing up in the service industry polished Gaby’s capacity to tame the most restless natives, an aptitude she carries seamlessly into her current responsibilities as Social Media Manager who also copes with the client-handling side of things. Prior to warming our hearts, Gabriela earned her stripes working as an intern account executive, performed admirably in radio & event production and even dabbled in media buying. She’s one of our Social Media Gurus, an undeniable Facebook champion, a Marketing Genie without the lamp, but she shines in all her roles.

Her Internet time is Netflix & YouTube-oriented with a sprinkling of Pinterest and Vines for good measure. Her Rock Star name is Princy Toyota. We’re still awaiting comment from her two fat cockatiels, Kiko and Kikito.

Gabriela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Advertising with a minor in Marketing from Sacred Heart University in Santurce.

This young lady is so sweet it comes as no surprise that she’s also a cupcake baker with a fairly successful trajectory in this budding niche industry, with a rock band or two calling to order her teeny-weeny delicious works of diminutive edible art. Her cupcakes are all cute as a button, as her Facebook page (Cupcakes Delight by Yare) can attest with a myriad beautiful and vivid images which Yarelis herself has photographed and photo-shopped.

There’s something Tina-Fey-meets-Holly-Golightly about her, must be the precise mixture of beauty and brains along with a laissez-faire attitude and a good dosage of humor and optimism, which keep her reasonable, sensibly sane and happy where the rest of us falter, teeter at the edge of madness and whine. Very likely her chef instincts uphold her agility at handling upwards of a dozen accounts and not lose her sense of proportion while she chuckles at what merits a good old-fashioned freaking out: we’re readily awaiting the day (and taking bets on how soon it’ll come to pass) when Yarelis loses her composure or finally lets go with a hissy fit over the multitude of nuisances and irritations the Social Media Department copes with on a daily basis (we finally saw the day when Facebook was down). Hey, we just want to know she’s normal after all.

But, alas, people who swear by the “everything happens for a reason” approach, like her, tend to aggravate those who have arrived at the conclusion that “it’s all Pointless and Random and Happens Just to F*ck With Me” which, for whatever grounds, is the kind of mindset that abounds in advertising and marketing.

Prior to gracing us with her happy-go-lucky attitude, Yarelis was Partner/Owner and Customer Service Executive at Butik and also fooled around with being Assistant Director and Social Media Manager at Eventus by Zahira. She studied Publicity and Photography at Sacred Heart University in Santurce and is set to begin on her Marketing master’s next year. Maybe at that point there’ll be some serious can’t-handle-it-all convulsing since we’re not letting her go, which should mean some normal primal hostility will finally rear its ugly little head. Because, all this friendliness, really...? Sheesh.

Her Rock Star name is Barbie Sentra (even her fake name is friendly!) and she has a toy poodle, Nubesita (technically a typo but we’ll let it be because it’s a name) who is probably the quintessence of well-behaved canine perfection. Nubesita in all likelihood cooks too. Her favorite webs are Pinterest and Buzzfeed where we’re certain she doesn’t get off on watching accident gifs.

Anyone, literally anyone, would be happy to bring José home to meet their Mom. It’s written all over his face too: “I’m a good guy. I’ll treat you well. I’ll bring you breakfast in bed on Sundays and remember our anniversaries. Of course we’ll name our kid Ethel Agnes after your grandmother!” spelled out athwart in a kind of clear Braille on those lightly-colored irises and blinking like a taxi-cab sign using an affably readable font across his non-receding-forehead. Speaking of transportation, if truth be told, one of his strange pet peeves is he doesn’t do rides (as in, take the bus, bro) and one would guess he tries to make up for this denial of service in every other area in life. In brief, José only says no if he absolutely must and oftentimes he’ll do pirouettes, cartwheels and somersaults pushing the boundaries of sanity to ensure an almost-insurmountable amount of work will be delivered within the allotted timeframe.

Nonetheless, don’t be confusing him with a pushover; José may be sweet as peaches in syrup but he doesn’t suffer bullies glibly, and if you catch him astride that whoa-worthy neon-red car with the spick-and-span dark interiors, he appears the opposite of mom-worthy. Nestled inside that sleekly-curved bright-lipstick bullet of his, José channels primordial peril in its entire attractive splendor. Let’s say he happens to glance your way with those luminous eyes and furthermore, by chance, cracks a smile… stick a fork in you, girl, you’re done. Then again, forget the ride, and you’re s**t out of luck, anyway, because José’s already happily living in sin with his special someone.

José is one of our most senior staff and, in fact, he was with the agency during the early years before undergoing a José-less spell, during which he was trying out this and that and the other. However, he was sorely missed and after a bit of earnest groveling, a smidgen of harassment and probably some kind of bribing, he reclaimed his spot in the office and in our hearts.

José, one of the Creative Department elements and the one tasked to neutralize the general moodiness, surliness and broad-spectrum neurosis of the other players, has a notable trajectory as a Graphic Designer with quite a few big-name agencies on his resume and has also been known as an indulgent supervisor during stints as a freelance Art Director.

He studied graphic design and commercial advertising at the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina, as well as multimedia and web design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He finds true joy in illustrating and polishing his photo-retouching skills. His secret digital name is elar8 and we often hear him laughing under his breath every time he visits

Copywriting is tougher than most people can fathom; a titanic task disguised as a day-to-day errand. Moreover, graceful, lithe, tasteful and fat-free writing is arguably rare as hen’s teeth and being able to deliver, while keeping the word count to a minimum, is arguably almost unfeasible (wretched Twitter!). If one takes the argument further, adding the responsibility of attempting to make it engaging and fun, well... on the whole, that’s officially calling for a phenomenon. Such ability demands respect, admiration and, let’s be honest here, oodles and heaps of envy masquerading as high regard.

Madeleine knows how to do this with class, élan and flair, flirting with tough-to-achieve 140-character posts and all-you-can-eat service descriptions. She glides from one to the other with the elegance of ice-skaters and an ease that conceals the grueling assembly, labor-intensive production ropes and plethora of supporting wires… to wit, an innocent bystander would think she’s simply playing because the textual gymnastics she pulls off emerge as an amusement park krazy-glued together by words words words ... perchance it is, for her.

Mayhap this is the reason she is so keen on cats (and they are sweet on her, much business taking place when they meet in passing), as her literary moves are feline-like, keeping her posture in regular balance, undulating tail resembling a ballpoint whiplash, landing on all fours regardless of height or narrow ledges, all dares accepted.

As a proofreader, she’s finessed a surgeon’s precision, with a hushed padded-paws approach, anesthetizing her prey, suitably spellbound, when: slash! Detected typos are sliced apart like miserable dissected frogs, text deformities weeded out in her scripting claws. Poemectomies abound. The cuts are cleaned, sterilized and articulately sutured; mind your Ps and Qs when she’s on the prowl. Your catnip is no good here: Madeleine’s rectifying radar is never offline.

Above and beyond considering herself a writer, she asserts herself a reader, with half her life spent head-bent over a book, thickly curtained by those trademark undomesticated tresses, reading reading reading, much the way the morbidly obese consume food. A gluttonously-insatiable obsession for books refined her skills for depicting a concept with words and painting ideas with the tip of her pen’s tongue. A literati cognoscenti of the most maddening breed, she claims to see people’s typos while they speak, like subtitles.

Madeleine is ceaselessly agreeable to rescuing the less knowledgeable, who eagerly jump into the strange waters of her bizarre insights, surrendering to a journey of questionable enlightenments. There’s a fresh challenge every day only surmountable by running to our resident copywriter and requesting an “original idea”, a “catchy tagline” or a “funny-but-not-cheesy” post. The habitually-dire consequence is deciding which of all the spin-offs to employ, since she interprets “a couple” as “a dozen”.

In a nutshell (and nuts is appropriate), this woman of letters, typo-hater, book lover, cat enthusiast, conspiracy-theory believer and tattoo canvas puts a spell on us every single day with her indefatigable faculties and familiarity with the weird. She ups the ante time and again, and it is delightful, odd, inspiring and fun.

Madeleine studied Literature, Creative Writing and Film History at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She fritters away too much precious time taking pictures of her cat, Lina, using her application.

When one takes a minute to observe Edwin at work, his mouse is so obviously feeling rejected that it’s almost easy to fall into pity for the apparatus, that is, until one starts realizing it’s ridiculous to take to heart the feelings of an inanimate object, which really doesn’t care one way or the other whether its owner places his fingerprints upon it nevermore.

Still and all, there’s something lithe, energetic and magical about Edwin’s use of keyboard shortcuts, his fingers all ablur, flying like gazelles across the type board, literally embodying the spirit of digital work. What’s more, this singular personal detail carries over into the rest of his body of work: a factual tall order because, standing six-foot-two, Edwin is the type of guy 99% of people look up to in more ways than one.

Edwin’s go-getting, self-starting, exceptionally driven character would be as much at home in a high-ranking politician’s office as in a basketball court or in the biking trails (both sports favorite pastimes of his) and up to the convoluted thoroughfares and highways of confusing programming language and code where the great bulk of humanity would be screaming in frustration and running for our lives. Actually, Edwin assures us that the thing he most enjoys about his chosen profession is the ability to fix problems through programming. To the majority, that probably sounds like a complication flanked by slices of intricacy, but, isn’t life a general dilemma, one hurdle arising one after the other, in endless succession? If only the whole thing could be resolved through coding, our world would be much nicer and simpler. Edwin has it figured out and that’s no mean feat.

Prior to his current position, our declared Spotify addict performed as Programming Director for MMM, MIS Director for CM & Company, and an assortment of Developer positions for various companies who still rue the day they let him get away. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration on Information Systems & Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus; a Master’s in Computer Sciences from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid; and a Juris Doctor degree from UPR’s School of Law in Río Piedras.

He has been married for sixteen years to Karla and they finally found the time to procreate, happily resulting in baby Gladys Kamila, gracing the world for nine months now at the time of this writing. The family is completed by Kali, a little tail-waggin’ mixed breed; surrounded by his three loving females, we’re certain of Edwin’s delight.

Edwin’s Rock Star Name is Cuchi Honda, he’s been known to kill a bit of time around, he prefers a cold beer to a glass of wine but both are perfectly level in his affections, and, the big one: he would rather work with Windows than Mac (someone who actually owns up to this unpopular partiality? Be still our beating heart!). When he was around five, he ironed some of his mother’s furniture, meaning that, from an early age, Edwin has been diligently straightening things out.

A member of our savvy development team, Andrés is the one to actually make a personal appearance from behind the matrix curtain and rake about the mucks of code nobody else understands.

His introverted, quiet nature plus sci-fi inclinations make him a flawless fit with the Creative Department, where he has spent an afternoon or two arguing about the intrinsic value of the Prime Directive or, in a less philosophical bent, the stark obviousness of who’s going to get the business end of a laser gun in any and all of Captain Kirk’s away team (duh! the never-seen-before character, evident cannon fodder).

Come to think of it, Andrés is a genuine down-to-earth Trekkie and hands-on explorer. Whatsoever catches his fancy, he makes it a point to register for courses and get a degree on the subject. For instance, his passion for cars led him to train as an Automotive Technician at Automeca Technical College. Then, with that on-a-lark degree out of the way, he took a detour that landed his still-spinning wheels on a Programming and System Sciences Associate’s Degree. Nowadays, he’s considering a Graphic Design career; then again, he’s also weighing the merits of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences. Alternatively, he’s also set on acquiring a sport-piloting license, aviation being one more of his assorted fervors. We wouldn’t be shocked if he attained all of the aforementioned and then embarked on a Digital Acupuncture and Remote-Massage Therapy line of work. His interests are that diverse and Andrés goes the whole nine yards with his engaged inquisitiveness, following through once he begins the journey. We think that’s rather commendable and, frankly, we’re sorta jealous. If Andrés actually takes up his still-uncertain plans to study Graphic Design, he will make a great addition to some agency’s Play-Doh kit; hopefully ours.

His prior posts have, naturally, run the gamut from Auto Mechanic up to Programmer and Web Developer, but along the way he’s also performed as Assistant Therapist for foster-home kids and Animal Rescuer, although this last one is an ongoing endeavor carried out alongside his wife, whom he wedded barely three months ago. *sigh*… Ack. Envisioning these two extremity-holding lovebirds rescuing kittens and puppies, infusing the world with their connubial bliss and newlywed pixie dust, has caused our former jealousy to turn the corner of disparagement and reach the expressway of open hostilities. But that’s our shortcoming, not his: Andrés deserves all the joy and cake and fluffy kitten litters (as in babies, not the stinky stuff) life has to proffer.

Nevertheless, we’re stealthily glad his deep-rooted desire for teleportation is not within the realm of possibilities yet, a tiny something to be thankful for (and to hell with grammar rules). He has a private climb-like-Spiderman delusion/fetish, which he’ll very likely achieve sooner or later and then we’ll have to vanquish him from the planet.

A staunch gamer who enjoys RPGs and totally flips over flying and racing simulators, Andrés has a generally-wholesome outlook and takes pleasure in learning something new every day. He resides with his wife plus three doggies (a Schnauzer, a Pinscher and a mixed-breed stray), and his Rock Star name is Homero el Pollo Golf GTi.

He frequently spreads his wings at

Pam is the latest addition to our mottled cluster of talents, the newest Iñigo Montoya in JLM’s Social Media weapons cache. Not that she looks like Mr. Patinkin because, seriously, she’s a great deal prettier, but a ferocious words-fighter she is, sharp as only a freshly-bought dagger tends to be, and quick as a bunny with its tail caught on fire. Nevertheless, wethinks she’s a bit on the quiet side, albeit it may simply be a matter of context because everyone else around is so darned loud and loquacious that, in comparison, she’s as hushed as a snowfall. Maybe when Pam feels a bit more in her element within the unadulterated daily dementia of a marketing agency, she’ll make more clatter. At present, her composure and stillness means she’s a revitalizing cool, calm and collected glass of water.

Pamela has a retail background and this past experience with the public species has favored her current responsibilities as Social Media Community Manager. She claims to thoroughly enjoy the user’s feedback and is keen on fashioning splendid marketing strategies for the best advantage of the accounts under her care. Gaby and Yare are her two cronies, back-up words-fighting musketeers, brainstorming alongside Pamela in order to furnish lightning-strong lines of attack. With these three marketing gymnasts in charge of Social Media, and with Pam’s stealthy knack for back-flippin’ and cartwheelin’ (for real real), we feel secure in stating the agency has a true cavalcade of competency at its reach.

In spite of all this, alas, Pam has a bit of an equilibrium issue and tends to tumble over in public, much to her embarrassed dismay; perchance this is why her stability in every other area proves unquestionable: nature has a way of evening things out. She lives with her twelve-year-old mutt named Kamy, as a pet, but even Pamela admits Kamy is insufferable and unlovable to anyone else but her (“She’s such a bitch!” to be interpreted to your heart’s content), a small & twisted heartwarming detail.

Her studies, which she carried out at Sacred Heart University in Santurce, Puerto Rico, centered on Digital Advertising and Public Relations. Her Rock Star Name is Rav-Nala (very Bollywood!) and her favorite webs are Pinterest and


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